WPF Contest Winner Announced

March 16th, 2008

At the closing keynote of the 2008 Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference in New York, I announced the finalists and winners for the first Lab49 WPF in Finance Innovation Contest:

The Grand Prize winner was Szymon Kobalczyk:
Szymon Kobalczyk screenshot

The two Finalists were Jacob Carpenter:
Jacob Carpenter screenshot

and Jobi Joy: 
Jobi Joy screenshot

while the Honorable Mention went to Paul Hounshell: 
Paul Hounshell screenshot 

These applications can all be downloaded from my SkyDrive account:


Everyone was very impressed with the level of innovation and creativity displayed by these entries. Congratulations to everyone, this was a great competition. 

7 Responses to “WPF Contest Winner Announced”

  1. David Barnhill Says:

    These are great! I didn’t get what the winning one was trying to do. What influences the movement of the boids?

  2. Kalani Thielen Says:

    I second that, these look very cool. The boids idea is especially interesting, and like David I wonder what the idea is — maybe we could convince the author to write more about it here? It seems like boids are an interesting idea for a model of some “flocking” stocks (i.e.: as a predictive model).

  3. WPF Finance Contest Results Announced - Jobi K Joy Says:

    [...] I would like to share a good news that I have been selected as on of the finalists in the WPF contest , You can see the results and the download the entries here The Grand Prize winner : Szymon KobalczykFinalists :1) Jacob Carpenter2) Jobi Joy – thats me:)And the Honorable Mention went to Paul Hounshell [...]

  4. Daniel Chait Says:

    David/Kalani – I uploaded the StockBoids User Guide document which he included in the original submission and which explains the boids model.

    Also I uploaded an updated version of Jobi Joy’s application which is cleaned up a bit.

  5. rav Says:

    boids is certainly interesting – in terms of applications, it needs the “eureka!” magic but the flocking concept could be used in creating portfolios / trading themes.

    BTW I am trying to rund StockBoids but get a windows exception error – what do I need have installed first?


  6. Lab49 Blog » Blog Archive » Not-So-Hidden Latency Part 2 - Trader/Comprehension Latency Says:

    [...] The challenge is to reduce that time period while, at the same time, allowing traders to deal with ever greater volumes of data updating at ever greater frequencies.  This not-so-hidden latency has, to date, been sorely overlooked.  The solution is to come up with innovative ways to display that information to users.  That thesis is the very basis behind our Advanced Data Visualization practice (see the paragraph titled “Monitor More Volume with Richer Context” on our Services page).  The market liquidity visualizations, the fixed income pricing visualizations, and all of the winners from our WPF in Finance challenge are excellent examples of means to that end. [...]

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    [...] Along the way I discovered, from this post,  the winners of the WPF in Finance Innovation Contest which was shown at the Microsoft Financial Services Developer Conference [...]